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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Summer Time

The Sloggers are back after spending time in the A'Dam and beyond. Summer brought us a new understanding of "Holidays"; An extended 2+ week vacation to various countries all over Europe with one goal--complete relaxation.  I know someone who was wondering why people we talking about the winter holiday season in the middle of summer...We, on the other hand, stuck to the classic U.S. one-week vacation with a vow to embrace the European holiday summer-break next year when we have more time to plan.

While our holiday was only one week, it was fantastic.  We went to T
he Algarve, Portugal--Southern tip of Portugal.  We had a small 2-floor villa with the all important pool and a spectacular view of the beach from our place.  The weather was a perfect, sunny 26 degree celsius (double the number and add 30 and you will feel what we are talking about) with a slight wind during the day.

We visited 4 different beaches, a water park (aqualand), a sand park that featured
Hollywood movies and their stars (sandland) and feasted on some great seafood while over looking the sun setting into the ocean

Which earned the all important kid's approval...

Kiley learned how to dive as well as snorkel as she spent 25 hours of the day in her bathing suit.  She also enjoyed the delicious deserts served at all the local
beaches. Specifically, the chocolate covered ice cream bars or sundaes.


Quinn graduated from a yellow inner-tube to putting his entire face in the water blowing bubbles like a crocodile. He also quickly learned the game of hurdling over the waves and splashing his parents with the freezing cold water. 

This created some serious Carpenter Stink Eye moments which he made him do it more.

We all got a little burned as only real Oregonians could (especially translucent Dad) but worked through it with some 1,500 SPF and one cloudy morning...we did some tide pool exploring as well as saw a real life pirate ship.

As with every trip, the end of the week arrived too quickly but we felt well rested as we headed back to A'Dam and started planning our next European Holiday.